Dazzling Deep Cleaning Tips – Make Your Home Sparkle

Dazzling Deep Cleaning Tips
Dazzling Deep Cleaning Tips

There’s nothing like a sparkling clean house to make you feel good.

If your home is in need of some deep cleaning, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Check out these tips and get your home shining in no time!

Hi guys!

Well, we’re already two months into the new year and hopefully, everyone’s resolutions are still going strong.

I’m amazed at how quickly time has passed and my mind is wandering to spring and summer (even though the weather isn’t cooperating yet — damn you, winter!).

Today’s post is a little different from my usual style as I’ll be giving some advice on “spring cleaning.”

For most people, this means getting their house in tip-top shape for the warmer months when they’ll want to use their houses more than they do during winter.

It also means that most people will hire cleaners again if they’ve had them before.

Now before I go any further, let me say this –  I do not recommend hiring cleaners for deep cleaning when you can so easily do it yourself!

Usually, the only things that you need are to hire people for our carpet cleaning and bigger projects in your home.

Everything else?

You can easily take care of it with a few hours of work each weekend!

Let’s get started on this list of 20 tips, okay?

1. Clear out all clutter or items you don’t use anymore – or better yet, sell them at a yard sale!

2. Clean out the inside of your ovens and fridges.

This is especially important if there are any spills in either appliance that have gone unnoticed for some time now… yuck!

3. Clean out the cupboards – do you really need all those spices?

If not, give them away to someone who can use them (like me!).

4. All of your window coverings should be thoroughly washed and disinfected for spring.

5. If it’s time to clean out your yard or garage, start with that now too.

6. Do any deep cleaning on upholstered furniture like couches, chairs, and love seats now before they become too difficult to handle once the weather warms up again!

7. Give carpets a proper cleaning if they’ve gone untouched during winter so they’ll look fresh for warmer weather.

8. Change your air filter in your furnace and air conditioner if you have central heating/air in your home.

9. Sweep or vacuum ceiling fans, light fixtures, and chandeliers – these items get dusty too, I can personally vouch for Domo Paddington because they did a phenomenal job for me personally!

10. Take a drive around the neighborhood at night when people are likely to have their outdoor lights on –  this is a good time for you to clean out cobwebs from your eaves and gutters that accumulate dirt over time.

11 & 12. Deep clean your dishwasher and washing machine by running them with white vinegar (you can add baking soda too if it’s a front-loading washer).

13. Wash walls and door frames with warm soapy water.

14. Clean out the lint trap on your dryer and vacuum it if it’s a bagless model.

15. Wash windows with vinegar and water to prevent streaking (just avoid your screens).

16. Scrub out drawers in kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms… wherever you keep your clothes!

This will help them smell fresh again too!

17. Wash baseboards throughout the house – this is probably something I should do more often since my family seems to track dirt into the house all the time!

18. Wipe down door stoppers, handles and coat hooks – these tend to accumulate germs over time (especially when you come home with dirty hands!) so clean them out and disinfect them.

19. Empty the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag (or if you have a bagless model, remove and wash the canister) to make sure it’s completely clean before storing it for warmer weather again.

20. Deep clean mattresses by turning them over and vacuuming both sides, washing bedding, and deep cleaning the crevices with baking soda and warm water (use a toothbrush or small paintbrush).

I hope these amazing tips spark some ideas on how to prepare your home for spring!

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Until next time…

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